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Tonometry: iCare HOME 2 Tonometer

iCare HOME revolutionizes glaucoma treatment by adding a new dimension to IOP monitoring. The iCare HOME tonometer for patient use enables monitoring of IOP variations throughout the day and night providing the healthcare staff with relevant IOP data to support treatment decisions. The iCare CLINIC cloud software stores long term IOP data from the iCare HOME and iCare IC200 tonometers and provides tools for versatile analysis and reporting of the data.

Glaucoma management supported by data

iCare CLINIC collects and interprets IOP data, which provides healthcare professionals a better overview of changes in their patients' IOP status. The iCare HOME device allows data collection outside office hours. Both iCare HOME and iCare IC200 can be connected to an easy-to-use software platform which can be conveniently accessed by internet browser. All the data is displayed on an intuitive user interface.

The portable iCare HOME tonometer is designed for IOP selfmonitoring during normal daily activities, throughout the day. iCare HOME is based on rebound technology, which is an easy and safe way to measure IOP. Long term IOP monitoring with iCare HOME enables glaucoma treatment based on real data.




iCare, HOME2 Tonometer




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